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Welcome to the WebSite of the

Algerian Embassy in Canberra

The Algerian nationals who reside in Australia, in New Zealand, in Timor Leste and in the South Pacific countries could obtain their registration at our office.

Citizens of thes countries and foreigners who are residing there can obtain visas at our office


Bienvenu(e)s sur le site de l'Ambassade

d'Algérie à Canberra

Les ressortissants algériens résidant en Australie, en Nouvelle Zélande, à Timor Leste et dans les pays du Pacifique Sud peuvent solliciter leur immatriculation auprès de notre Poste.

Les citoyens de ces pays ainsi que les étrangers qui y sont etablis peuvent obtenir les visas d'entrée en Algérie auprès de notre Poste.


Tuesday 27 May 2014                                                 Communiqué

The Embassy of Algeria in Canberra would like to inform its nationals, residing in Australia, New Zealand and the countries of the South Pacific, registered with its services, about the new procedure for the issuance of the special birth certificate "12S" to nationals born in Algeria and living abroad.

Read more (Arabic)

Read more (French)


Monday 09 December 2013                                          Communiqué

The Embassy of Algeria in Canberra, informs its nationals, residing in Australia, New Zealand and the countries of the South Pacific, registered with its services, that a process of converting ordinary passports to biometric passports is underway and throughout 2014.

In this context, it is recommended from all our citizens to make arrangements to obtain the birth certificate 12S and apply for the biometric passport now, without waiting for the expiration of their ordinary passport.


 Monday 09 December 2013                                            Communiqué

Joint press release of the Ministry of Interior and Local Authorities and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Algeria.

Press release [Arabic]

Press release [French]  


Thursday 05 September 2013                                            Communiqué

Formation professionnelle au bénéfice de nos jeunes concitoyens à létranger

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