Civil Status


Changes to civil status such as births, deaths and marriages of the Algerian nationals who reside in the South Pacific Countries should be registered at the Algerian Embassy in Canberra as soon as possible after the event.

Fellow citizens who are not registered at the Embassy can apply for the registration of births, deaths and marriages. The applicant must be in possession of a proof of his/her Algerian nationality and identity. In this regards, the only documents accepted are: the Algerian passport, the National Identity Card or the Military Card with a photo.


Birth Registration

The documents required for the birth registration are:

  • Copy of parent’s (s) valid consular registration card;
  • The original of the full birth certificate of the infant, issued by the Registration Office;
  • The family book, if you have one;
  • Prepaid Registered Post envelope for the return of the documents.


  • The birth registration at the Embassy must be done as soon as you get the birth certificate from the Registration Office;
  • If your child is born in another country than the South Pacific Countries, the registration must be made at the Algerian Embassy or Consulate in the country where the child is born;
  • Before applying for a passport for your child(s) or for adding his/her/their photo(s) on one parent’s passport, please make sure that your child is already registered at the Civil Status Office of the Algerian Embassy or Consulate. In this case, please provide the Algerian family book or the birth certificate issued by the relevant Algerian Embassy or Consulate where the birth of your child is registered.


Marriage Registration

The marriage of an Algerian citizen solemnised in a Registration Office in the South Pacific Countries can be registered at the Algerian Embassy in Canberra. A family book is issued after registration.

The documents required for this purpose are:

  • Copy of a valid consular registration card;
  • Original of the full marriage certificate, issued by the Registration Office;
  • Original of the birth certificate N°12, of the husband, less than 01 year old;
  • Original of the birth certificate N°12, of the spouse (if she is Algerian citizen), less than 01 year old;
  • Certified copy of the full birth certificate, of the spouse (if she is not Algerian citizen), issued by the Registration Office;
  • Prepaid Registered Post envelope for the return of the documents.


  • The marriage certificates issued by a Mosque must be recognised by the Tribunal in Algeria (judgement of wedding validation);
  • The application for a marriage registration submitted by an Algerian woman married with a non-Algerian husband must be accompanied by a certificate of Muslim Religion (Certificate de Conversion à l’Islam) issued by a mosque or an association agreed by the South Pacific Countries Authorities.


Obtaining Birth and Marriage Certificate

Algerian nationals may obtain a birth or marriage certificate, by providing the family book or a copy of a previous birth or marriage certificate issued at the Algerian Embassy in Canberra.


Obtaining the Special Birth Certificate “12S”

The special birth certificate “12S” necessary for the biometric passport application can be obtained, by:

  • For fellow citizens born in Algeria, registered within the Embassy services:
    • They can ask for their “12S” birth certificate by registering and sending their request via the website made available to them by the Ministry of Interior and Local Authorities (;
    • During a stay in Algeria, they can request this document directly from the place of their birth;
    • Or, they can provide a power of attorney (procuration) duly signed by our services to an adult of their choice who will perform the procedure for application and collection of the birth certificate in the place of their birth.
  • For nationals born abroad: should ask for their “12S” birth certificate from the Consular services in which the registration of their birth was done.


  • The special birth certificate “12S” cannot be send by mail, the applicant must be present at the Embassy in Canberra to collect it.


Divorce Registration

In the case of a divorce in the South Pacific Countries, an enforcement of judgment (exequatur du jugement de divorce) must be obtained from the Tribunal in Algeria, only if the marriage is already registered by our office.

“Exequatur d’un jugement”: is a Court order, by an Algerian judge, which makes enforceable, judgments or rulings of any of the South Pacific countries Tribunals, on the Algerian Territory.


Death Registration and Transfer of the Remains

One of the main tasks of the Algerian Embassy is to provide assistance to families of Algerian Nationals who pass away abroad. The Embassy is committed to assist families in making arrangements with local authorities for the preparation and transfer to Algeria of the remains of the deceased, in accordance with the family’s wishes and local as well as Algerian regulations.

To obtain the “Authorisation de Transfert de corps”, the following documents are required:

  • The identity documents of the deceased;
  • Original of the full death certificate;



The insurance company SAPS (Société d’Assurance de Prévoyance et de Santé), proposes an insurance contract for the repatriation to Algeria of the remains of a deceased Algerian citizen residing abroad. This insurance, called (Assurance rapatriement de corps), ensures the repatriation of the remains of the insured deceased person from the country of residence to the place of burial in Algeria. For more information on this insurance, please visit the website of the SAPS at