Police Clearance

Algerian citizens and permanent residents of the countries listed on our website are eligible to request a police clearance certificate.

Requirements for a police clearance certificate:

  • A written request for police clearance,
  • A copy applicant’s of birth certificate (in English, for non- Algerians),
  • A copy of the applicant’s father’s birth certificate ( for Algerians),
  • A copy of current passport,
  • Proof of residency or citizenship in Australia , New Zealand and in countries of the South Pacific,
  • All proof of travel or work in Algeria, such as visa, work permit, etc…( for non Algerians),
  • A self-addressed registered or express post envelope,
  • Applicants outside Australia need to arrange a courier to receive their original certificate, as they can’t provide a self-addressed return envelope.

Note: A scanned copy of the police clearance certificate could be emailed to the applicants if requested, by providing their email address.