Algerian citizens wishing to apply for an Algerian passport must be registered at the Algerian Embassy in Canberra, Australia.

Passport applications must be lodged at the Embassy before booking an appointment, to make sure all information and documents are provide.

The photo that appears on the passport is digital and is taken at the Embassy on the day of the appointment.

To make an appointment please call the Embassy on: 02 6286735502 62867818 during office hours 9.30 AM- 2.30 PM

Requirements for passport applications:

  • The expired passport,
  • A copy of the applicant’s valid consular registration card,
  • Passport application form and annex form, thoroughly filled in and signed by the applicant or the legal guardian for minors,
    • The annex form is for married applicants only
  • The applicant’s original 12S birth certificate,
  • Proof of blood type for first time applicants for the biometric passport at the Embassy,
  • A proof of residency such as a copy of a valid residency visa document, a copy of citizenship certificate or a copy of Australian/ New Zealand passport,
  • A proof of address, such as a copy of the latest utility bill, last car registration document, Bank statement, etc…..,
  • Four (4) similar recent standard passport-size photos,
  • A proof of employment or study ( a letter from the employer, a copy of business registration certificate for the self employed, a copy of confirmed enrollment to study or a copy of student card for students),
  • Parental authorisation form ( for minors only) thoroughly filled in and signed by the legal guardian, $2.50 USD or $5.00 AUD fee applies,
  • Passport fees:
    • For adults: $75 USD or $120.00 AUD cash
    • For minors and students: $37.50 USD or $60.00 AUD cash
  • A self- addressed registered or express post envelope, size depends on how many passports there are,

Note: the original birth certificate 12S will be returned to applicants with their new passports.

Lost, stolen or damaged passports:

If a passport is lost or stolen, you must report it immediately to your local police and to the Algerian Embassy.

In addition to the documents listed for the passport renewal, please provide:

  • A full police report for the lost or stolen passports,
  • An explanatory letter on how the passport has been damaged, if this is the case,
  • Lost document declaration form, thoroughly filled in and signed by the applicant or by the legal guardian for minors, $2.50 USD or $5.00 AUD cash fee applies.
  • An additional penalty of $125 USD or $200.00 AUD cash fee applies for lost or damaged passports
  • Suivi de la demande d’un passeport biométrique